U.N.UN and the Related Organizations’ Health Examination

Please call for an appointment
Your required document needs to be sent to our email address prior to your appointment. Exam items should be checked in advance.

Visa Examination Department

Tel 03-3951-1111(General)
Tel 03-3951-1117(Direct)
Email visa@seibokai.or.jp

Call Hours

Mon ~ Fri 9:00AM ~ 4:00PM
Sat(except for the 3rd Sat) 9:00AM ~ 11:30AM

*Please make sure to call for rescheduling or cancellation.

Examination Dates & Time

Mon or Fri 8:00AM~9:00AM

Items to Bring

  • Passport
  • Required Document(pages 1~2 have to be filled in prior to your appointment)with your signature on it, photos (if necessary)
  • Vaccination record(if necessary)
  • Glasses / contact lenses

General Information

  • Fasting is required on the day of your appointment. Drinking water is allowed.
  • Make sure to inform us if you are pregnant.
  • If you have had serious illnesses / surgeries in the past or you are currently under any medical treatment, a medical certificate might be required. If you are currently taking any medications, be sure to bring the medication list on your appointment day.
  • Simple clothes are recommended for physical examination.
  • Examination will take about 3 hours after reception.

Report completion & mailing

Your health examination report can be picked up 1 week after the day of your appointment at Reception #2 on the 1st Floor of the Reception area 24/7 (including Sat. Sun or Holidays). Be sure to bring your Hospital ID Card to pick up your document.
Your document could also be sent to your mailing address with an additional fee of 1,100 yen.

Exam Items & Fees(including tax)

¥42,020- Measurement, pre-consultation, physical examination by panel doctor, chest X-ray, blood, urine, ophthalmological examination
¥45,320- All of the above & ECG/EKG


UN and the related organizations examination inquiry