our hospital eMedical enabled. We do not accept paper examination.
Examination items cannot be checked by the hospital. If you are not sure of your examination item,please apply for visa beforehand with the NZ immigration.

Please call for an appointment

Visa examination department


Call hours

Mon ~ Fri 9:00AM ~ 4:00PM
Sat 9:00AM ~ 11:30AM

Examination dates / reception times

With doctor's examination

Mon 8:00AM ~ 9:00AM
Thu 12:30PM ~ 1:30PM
Fri 12:00PM ~ 1:00PM

X-ray only

Wed / Sat※ 8:30AM / 9:30AM
Thu 10:00AM / 2:00PM 
Mon / Tue / Fri 1:00PM ~ 2:00PM

※except 3rd Sat

Items to bring

  • Passport

※Fasting is not necessary.

General information

  • Simple clothes are recommended for physical examination.
  • If you are pregnant,inform us when makings an appointment.
  • Examination will take about 2-3 hours after reception.
  • Photos will be taken so please do not use colored contact lenses.
  • Inform us if you have come to Seibo hospital previously.
    (If you have our hospital card,inform us of the number)

General items to bring

  • Glasses,contact lenses.
  • Medical certificate (in English) if you are currently on treatment.
  • Medical prescription if you are currently taking medicine.
  • Japanese health certificate (if you have)

Report completion

Reports will be submitted to the immigration directly from us. It will take 3-4 days till submission for X-ray only applicants, 1 week for other visa types.

Check up items and fee (tax included)

Over 15 years old ¥30,250 Measurement,physical examination,chest X-ray,blood test,urine test
11~14 years old ¥19,800 Measurement,physical examination,chest X-ray,urine test
5~10 years old ¥16,280 Measurement,physical examination,urine test
0~4 years old ¥11,550 Measurement,physical examination
INZ1201 ¥24,420 Physical examination,chest X-ray,blood test
X-ray only ¥11,770 Chest X-ray


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