Please call for an appointment

Visa examination department


Call hours

Mon ~ Fri 9:00AM ~ 4:00PM
Sat 9:00AM ~ 11:30AM

Examination dates / reception times

With doctor's examination

Mon 8:00AM ~ 9:00AM
Thu 12:30PM ~ 1:30PM
Fri 12:00PM ~ 1:00PM

X-ray only

Wed / Sat※ 8:30AM ~ 9:30AM
Thu 10:00AM / 2:00PM
Mon / Yue / Fri 1:00PM ~ 2:00PM

※except 3rd Sat

Items to bring

Please apply for your visa and obtain an HAP ID before making an appointment with us.

  • A print out of "Referral Letter" or "Health Examination list"
    (HAP ID should be written)
  • Passport

※Fasting is not necessary.

General information

  • Simple clothes are recommended for physical examination.
  • If you are pregnant,inform us when makings an appointment.
  • Examination will take about 2-3 hours after reception.
  • Photos will be taken so please do not use colored contact lenses.
  • Inform us if you have come to Seibo hospital previously.
    (If you have our hospital card,inform us of the number)

General items to bring

  • Glasses,contact lenses.
  • Medical certificate (in English) if you are currently on treatment.
  • Medical prescription if you are currently taking medicine.
  • Japanese health certificate (if you have)

Xray only applicants

Applicants in need of chest x'ray only can come between 8:30am-2pm,Monday through Friday or 8:30am-10am on Saturdays(except 3rd Sat). Please call for appointment.

Report complection

Reports will be submitted to the immigration directly from us. It will take 2-3 days till submission for X-ray only applicants, 1 week for other visa types.

Check up items and fee (tax included)

Temporary visa Over 11 years old ¥19,800 Measurement,physical examination,chest X-ray,urine test
5~10 years old ¥16,280 Measurement,physical examination,urine test
0~4 years old ¥11,550 Measurement,physical examination
Permanent/Medical practitioners/
Pregnant applicants
¥25,300 Measurement,physical examination,chest X-ray,urine test,blood test
X-ray only ¥11,770 Chest X-ray


AUSTRALIA visa examination inquiry